Balcones Pain Consultants Offers New Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation Procedure for Chronic Nerve Pain

According to the Institute of Medicine, chronic pain affects more than 100 million Americans, an incidence rate which outpaces heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Neuropathic pain is characterized as shooting, burning and stabbing and represents one of the most prevalent, yet under-treated forms of chronic pain in the U.S. It is estimated one in every 10 adults over the age of 30 suffers from this type of condition. Severe, constant pain from peripheral neuropathy and CRPS 1 ,CRPS 2 ( peripheral causalgia) can be extremely difficult to treat. But now the physicians at Balcones pain Consultants have a valuable new tool to help relieve this suffering.

By stimulating the Dorsal Root Ganglion, or DRG, a spinal structure densely populated with sensory nerves that transmit information to the brain via the spinal cord, our doctors can now give relief to patients with peripheral nerve injury type pain after surgery, as well as pain after hernia repair surgery, pelvic surgery, total knee replacement or foot and ankle surgery. As a result, DRG stimulation is a first-of-its-kind therapeutic approach that provides pain relief to patients with neuropathic conditions that don’t respond to traditional spinal cord stimulation who have tried multiple treatment options without receiving adequate pain relief.

Recently a 20-year-old Austin man was successfully treated with DRG stimulation after suffering with chronic abdominal pain for two years. He was eventually diagnosed with CRPS1, or complex regional pain syndrome and Dr. McCarty enrolled him in a DRG nerve stimulation trial which gave him 100% relief. He recently underwent surgery to have the permanent implant and enjoys relief from the shooting pain.

If you have burning, shooting pain that is present after foot, ankle or knee surgery or like the tens of thousands of patients who suffer from neuropathy, DRG stimulation could be an answer to your pain. Schedule a visit today with one of our physicians to learn more.