From chronic back pain to entrepreneurship

The gift baskets you see in front of Dr. Ximenes were made by one of his patients who is a true inspiration and success story.

“Mary” is in her 40s and has a long history of low back pain. Her debilitating pain prevented her from working and enjoying life, in general. She had been on short-acting opioids like hydrocodone for long periods of time.

When she came to Balcones Pain Consultants, she was ready for a change from her roller coaster of short-acting agents. So Dr. Ximenes switched her to a long acting agent that lasted 12 hours.

Her family was the first to notice the difference and said she was back to being her ‘old self’ again. Once she began feeling good again, she made some changes to her diet and started exercising again. Several months later, she started making homemade soaps in her garage. After a lot of perseverance, the business started blossoming and Dr. Ximenes is now a satisfied customer!

Congrats to you, “Mary”!

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