Does Your Leg Hurt When You Stand or Walk? Does Your Leg Pain Get Better When You Sit or Bend Over?


Does your leg hurt when you stand or walk?

Does your leg pain get better when you sit or bend over?


If so, you could be suffering from a condition called spinal stenosis. This can occur when the ligament or other structures in the spinal canal protrude into and push upon the spinal cord. If it occurs while standing or walking certain distances and is relieved by bending or sitting down the condition is called neurogenic claudication. That’s a fancy term for nerve compression resulting in leg pain.

Our doctors at Balcones pain are now doing a new procedure called indirect spinal decompression.   It’s a new minimally invasive spine procedures done thru a small incision as an outpatient procedure. The device is made by Vertiflex and is called Superion. When it is inserted between the spinous processes of the moderately stenotic levels it distracts or opens up the spinal column allowing more room for the spinal cord. This results in less leg pain while standing and walking. While not for everyone  it’s a procedure which can give up to 70% improvement in leg pain (1).  When lumbar epidural steroids fail to provide adequate or lasting relief and major laminectomy surgery is the last resort, indirect spinal  decompression could be the best option.

Talk to your provider today at Balcones Pain to see if it would be right for you.