Note to FDA: Need to increase the dose of life saving naloxone to reverse opiate overdose!

Recently the FDA heard recommendations to increase the dose of naloxone from .4mg to 2 mg IM in cases of suspected overdose largely because of the more potent prescription opiates used today, but also because of the newer more potent illicit synthetic fentanyl finding its way into heroin and other illegal drugs. Drug overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999.


Currently there is an FDA approved nasal spray which provides 4mg per spray.  Balcones Pain Consultants’ physicians recognizes the importance of this medication getting into the community and have placed a standing order at GenoRite Pharmacy for this medication for their patients, family members, friends of people at risk and first responders.  The FDA agrees there is an urgent need to get this potentially life-saving nasal spray into the hands of people who are around those at risk. We also have a compounded preparation with a prescription called Opi-Aid delivering the newly recommended amount to use as directed in a convenient spray bottle.  Over 70% of overdoses occur in the community with most in the home.  Over half of the deaths involve prescription drugs and the other half involve illicit substances.  Please ask your pharmacist and physician about this important life-saving medication.


After a 24-year-old man was revived from a drug overdose on Saturday, police said tests found he had carfentanil in his system.