Sedation for Interventional Pain Procedures

Pain Patients with highly sensitized skin, muscles, and nerves are often treated with procedures that could be perceived as “painful”. We offer sedation to comfortably get you through your injections.

We want people to understand the principle and standards and expectations of sedation in the overall process of healing. The goal for treatment remains for patients to ultimately return and contribute to their community.

One of our Balcones Pain Physicians summed up our approach by his quote about our patients: “Making them a part of their healthcare makes a big difference.”

The goal of sedation is to provide the benefit of a good individual experience for the pain patient undergoing their procedure. This benefit includes being able to successfully complete the actual procedure itself. Each individual and each procedure may provide a different experience.

Sedation success is measured by published criteria.

Goals and Standards:

Patient Safety

Get the Procedure done

Minimal Physical Discomfort and Pain

Maximum Potential for Amnesia

Rapid Return to Consciousness

Safe Discharge or “Street Ready”

We’ve chosen anesthesia professionals for their expertise in both safety and efficiency. Our anesthetist’s constant, personal, and state-of-the-art electronic monitoring help to meet those goals.

Vigilance and safety are our number one priorities to get you back to living your life.

After all, we are all in this together.

Richard Huffman CRNA