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Non-Narcotic Alternative Procedure

The NSS (Neuro-Stim System) is a family of products, methods, training, and service conveniently packaged which allows clinicians the option of providing non-narcotic alternatives to a target population of acute and chronic pain patients.

The NSS™ family of devices are FDA cleared auricular peripheral nerve eld stimulators contained in the NSS Surgical Kit designed to provide you, the clinician, with another tool in your toolbox to address the many problems you face in your day-to-day practice. Specic instructions and information can be found in the IFU (Instructions for Use) contained inside the packaging of every NSS Surgical Kit.

Clinical research in the application of these devices has been overwhelmingly positive! IHS is involved with several University-based studies and is dedicated to providing solid scientic evidence to fully verify the ecacy of its products. IHS has several completed IRB approved studies that are available upon request. Randomized, Double Blind, Sham controlled studies are on-going with extremely positive interim results.

IHS is a proud partner in many community-based outreach and support programs as well as ongoing education and support in conjunction with VA, DoD and veteran organizations.

The NSS™ family of products allows clinicians the option of considering non-narcotic alternatives for patients. Each IHS representative as well as each clinical provider is carefully trained and must pass a certication exam including written, visual, and hands-on training.

Restrictions of NSS use include:

  • Implantable electrical devices including cardiac pace makers and brain shunts
  • History of seizures
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Chronic low blood pressure
  • Medications design to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system
  • Psoriasis Vulgaris
  • Localized skin infections
  • Pregnancy

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Q. How long does each treatment last?

A. Each treatment cycle lasts for five days and then the device is deactivated.

Q. How many treatment cycles will I need? 

A, Each patient is different. Your health care provider will discuss your progress with you and determine the optimum number of treatments based on your symptoms.

Q. What will I feel during my treatment? 

A. You will feel a tapping or pulsing at the treatment sites, which is generally very mild and will diminish over the course of treatment. Many patients feel a sense of euphoria and relaxation during the treatments.

Q. Is the NSS device covered by insurance? 

A. NSS is covered by the majority f service providers.

Q. Can you wash your hair during NSS treatment? 

A. Yes, simply keep the device from becoming wet.

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NSS Family Of Devices: Non-Narcotic Treatment For Acute and Chronic Pain