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Chronic pain interferes with your daily life. If you ignore it, your pain can rob you of that precious time you'd rather spend doing the things you love with the people you love. 

At Balcones Pain Consultants, we help you make informed decisions to treat the underlying conditions of your chronic pain so you can get back to living the life you love.

We listen to your symptoms. We work with you to restore your mobility. We help you reclaim your life.

Head and Neck Pain

Do you get dull headaches that gradually progress into throbbing migraines complete with light sensitivity and nausea? Does the pain and nausea get so intense that it's completely debilitating? Or maybe you suffer from sharp pain in your neck that radiates into your head or shoulders. Head and neck pain are two other very common conditions. Fortunately, both are very treatable.

Hip, Knee, and Leg Pain

Your hips, knees, and legs bear the greater part of your body's weight during almost every activity. Because of this, pain in these areas is common, especially as we age and put on a few extra pounds. It can also be the result of normal joint wear and tear, or past injuries. Regardless of how your pain originated, it has certainly hampered your ability to do the activities you love doing most.

Image of body which points to different pain points.

Back Pain

If you've suffered some form of back injury, have arthritis, a degenerative or herniated disc, or any number of other back issues, chances are you're now suffering from chronic back pain. A cause could be Spinal Stenosis. You likely always feel stiff and sore whether you're standing, walking, sitting, or even laying down. Bending or twisting is difficult if not impossible, robbing you of your freedom of movement and keeping you from doing the things you love. A cause could be Lumbar Arthritis.

Balcones Pain Consultants treats just about every form of chronic pain.

We start by carefully listening to you.
Then, we identify the proper diagnostic tests so we can pinpoint the origin of your pain, and create a custom treatment plan, tailored specifically for you to help ease suffering and restore functionality.

We want to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing pain on a daily basis. 

Meet the Providers

We listen attentively to you, perform a full diagnostic exam, and create your personalized treatment plan.

We work with virtually all major health insurance carriers.

Our doctors, nurses, and staff provide you with caring, compassionate, and attentive treatment.

Let's create your optimal treatment plan and get you back to living your most fulfilling life.